2017 Field Day Reorganized by Student Council

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(COVINGTON, La.) With St. Paul’s Founders Week in process, students will enjoy Field Day during the second half of Friday, Oct. 13. In the past, Lasallian Youth Leaders have organized Field Day, but the St. Paul’s Student Council has taken over the role of planning the event this year.

Matthew Stalter, Student Council President, explains how Student Council is changing Field Day with different events located at different parts of the campus.

“(Principal Trevor) Watkins wanted to get everyone involved for Field Day by having different grade levels on different fields doing different things,” Stalter says. “I had the idea of having free games at lunch where students could do whatever they want. The games include soccer in front of the Briggs, volleyball in front of the band room, basketball in the Wolf Dome, and a bunch of other small games such as spike ball, four square, and other games like that around the campus where students can freelance around and enjoy their lunch. After the extended lunch, we will all go into the new gym to do the main games.”

In the past years, students would separate into grade levels and do field events — such as capture the flag, soccer tournaments, and football games — where every student would participate. After the field events ended, all the students would enter the gym to watch the traditional grade level basketball tournaments, and seniors vs. teachers volleyball match. This year, students will have an extended lunch where they will play games and then enter the gym to watch other activities. The themes for Field Day will be the grade colors, with pre-freshman as yellow, freshmen as green, sophomores as light blue, juniors as purple, and seniors as white.

Carson Caulfield, Student Council Vice President, explains how the new Field Day setup changes will be more interactive and fun for students.

“We will have more focus and more enthusiasm for the main events because the gym is air conditioned,” Caufield states. “There will be fewer activities in the gym, but they will take longer and be more interesting. We are still keeping certain things, such as the traditional teacher vs senior volleyball, the grade level basketball tournament, and tug of war, but we are adding a couple of new things and changing the format.”


  1. […] October: St. Paul’s took a day off for Field Day, a day of games and competition amongst the student body. This year, several changes were made, including increased emphasis on air conditioned activities in the gym, as well as time for students to freely indulge in mini-games of their choosing. You can read about Field Day here. […]



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