2017: Paper Wolf Year in Review

Students in the Main School Building are asked to sit quietly and read their Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) materials while the tornado procedures are enacted. Students were on a school-wide lockdown for about 45 minutes before their lunch period of 11:12 a.m. (Photo by Colin Rice)

(COVINGTON, La.) 2017 was a successful year for St. Paul’s School, with a variety of activities and achievements taking place both on and off campus. Looking back, these were some of the highlights and big stories of the year.

January: The Wrestling wolves traveled to the District/Parish meet at Lakeshore High School. St. Paul’s won both district and parish titles. This was the Wolves’ ninth district title and nineteenth parish title. You can read about the meet here.

February: A tornado touched down in nearby Madisonville, Louisiana. St. Paul’s students enacted the Tornado drill techniques which they had learned during safety week — moving into the more secure hallways and interior rooms of the buildings. No St. Paul’s students were injured during the storm. You can read about the tornado here.

March: The St. Paul’s Soccer Wolves won the Louisiana High School Athletics Association 5A State Championship on Feb. 14. The 5-1 victory over Catholic High was the fourth consecutive state championship for the soccer program, and the eighth state championship in total. You can read about the championship here.

Baby and the Brinkmans were one of the headlining performances at the 2017 Wolf Jam variety and benefit concert. The band features students Quinn Cooney, Nick Ashton, Cody Crettet, Cameron Holmes, and Brad Anzalone. Not pictured: Miguel Seruntine. (Photo courtesy: Nick Ashton)

April: Wolf Jam, a live music concert held on campus, was organized by then-seniors Nick Ashton and August Latapie. Proceeds from the concert went to San Miguel High School in Arizona. The lineup featured artists Yung Flappy, Marcuz, Matt Kangas and Shane Ulfers, Bradley del Rio, Baby and the Brinkmans, The Mouthbreathers, and others. You can read about Wolf Jam here.

May: The Stuff the Bus Food Drive contributed non-perishable food to the Northshore Food Bank. St. Paul’s, along with several other area schools, collected 10,088 pounds of food. You can read more about the food drive here.

June: Over the summer, the class of 2017, now alumni, made their final plans for college and their immediate futures after St. Paul’s. Thirteen students signed on as student athletes, 69% of the class attended in-state colleges, and the class earned $15.8 million in scholarships. You can read about the graduating class of 2017 here.

July: Several St. Paul’s students attended the Louisiana Youth Leadership Conference at LSU. There, they learned leadership skills while working together on the week-long conference. You can read about LYS here.

August: St. Paul’s welcomed several special-needs students into the student body through the new program CORE Pack. This foray into special-needs education was born out of St. Paul’s commitment to its Lasallian core values. To make the program possible, teachers Ashley Guillot and Jean Dutrial were brought in to teach the new students. You can read about CORE Pack here.

September: The St. Paul’s debate club was resurrected after decades of absence on campus. The initiative to restart the club was taken by sophomore Hal Fox, and it has been moderated by writing teacher Robert Heap. The team competes in the National Catholic Forensic League. You can read about the debate team here.

The Paper Wolf Editor-in-Chief Luc Hebert hugs previous EIC Nick Ashton ’17 as staff writers celebrate after winning Best Overall Newspaper at the Louisiana Scholastic Press Association Conference in November. (Photo: Lester Guttuso)

October: St. Paul’s took a day off for Field Day, a day of games and competition amongst the student body. This year, several changes were made, including increased emphasis on air conditioned activities in the gym, as well as time for students to freely indulge in mini-games of their choosing. You can read about Field Day here.

November: The Louisiana Scholastic Press Association Conference at LSU provided an opportunity for the St. Paul’s student media to learn more about journalism, broadcasting and yearbook production. Additionally, the Wolves walked away with several awards, including Best Newspaper in the state. You can read about LSPA here.

The statue of Saint Lasalle is blanketed in snow during a rare snow fall on Dec. 8, 2018. (photo: Forge Mathes)

December: December began with the first snow day that the St. Paul’s campus has seen in years. School was cancelled, and students came to Hunter stadium to bask in the winter wonderland. Also, Sophomores participated in Sophomore Service Day, during which they dispersed to various sites across the region to assist charities and help those around them. The experience is part of St. Paul’s program of service learning designed to instill Christian values in its students. You can read about Sophomore Service Day here.

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