2018 Bowling Wolves Schedule/Scoreboard

Members of the 2017 Bowling Wolves prepare to play at a match at Tangi Lanes. Pictured are Joseph Brown, Jared Kreager, Peter Bertucci, Matthew Aupied and Jonathan Wellmeyer. (photo courtesy Coach Peter Bertucci)

Jan 17 Holden Tangi Lanes  W 5-3
Jan 22 St. Thomas Tangi Lanes  W 19.5-7.5
Jan 24 Albany Tangi Lanes
Jan 29 Pontchatoula Tangi Lanes
Jan 31 Holy Cross All Star Kenner
Feb 5 Hannan Tangi Lanes
Feb 7 Holden Tangi Lanes
Feb 19 St. Amant Premier Lanes
Feb 21 St. Thomas Tangi Lanes
Feb 28 Albany Tangi Lanes
Mar 7 Hannan Tangi Lanes
Mar 12 Pontchatoula Tangi Lanes
Mar 21 Regionals Tangi Lanes
Mar 27 Bi-Regionals All-Star Lanes
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Apr 5 FINAL FOUR TOURNAMENT Baton Rouge Centroplex  


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