Senior Retreat Details Leaked, Sort Of

Seniors earn crosses at the end of retreat and wear them around campus and in everyday life. (photo: Karen Herbert)

(COVINGTON, La.) Most students attending St. Paul’s look forward to the Senior Retreat, and the senior class and retreat moderators have always shied away from details about Senior Retreat whenever asked, making the anticipation much more agonizing.

Senior Lester Guttuso commented on his recent experience of the retreat, which took place Jan. 3-5, and what he learned from it. Guttuso was asked about what he will remember from senior retreat for the rest of his life.

On the morning of Jan. 3, 2018, seniors inside the new gym prepare to leave for retreat. (photo: Karen Herbert)

“That’s a good question,” Guttuso answered, which is the standard response from anyone regarding details of Senior Retreat.

Guttuso was asked for more details, but he would not give any information about the retreat, claiming that “You will just have to wait and find out.”

Forge Mathes also commented on his emotional experience during retreat.

“That’s a good question,” he echoed. “If I had to comment on senior retreat, the only thing I can tell you that really stood out to me was the light fixtures. I’d say they were 100 watts, very bright. The only other thing that I can tell you is that the Sun Chips were very delicious. They had the tasty original flavor and energized me for the events of the day.”

Mathes was then asked what he needed the energy for that day and what happened.

“That’s a good question,” Mathes answered.

Seniors hold up their new crosses at the end of the retreat. These crosses are regularly seen around the necks of alumni long past graduation. (photo: Karen Herbert)

Another senior, Ashton Van Deventer, was asked how he grew closer to his brothers from his experience.

“That’s a good question,” Van Deventer said. “I would answer that if I could. But if I were to give you a reasonable answer, I would be hunted down and killed by my fellow seniors and alumni,” 

Senior William James was also asked about his experience of the retreat, giving a a slightly more revealing answer.

“The thing about Senior Retreat is that it’s an experience for those that want the experience,” James said. “As secretive as it is, it is no secret that it is the highlight of everybody’s St. Paul’s career. If they are willing to go through it, it is very rewarding if you go in with a full heart and a positive mindset willing to actually be susceptible to the things you hear and the things you say while you are at retreat.”

With the retreat being a very serious experience on James, it he noted there was plenty of humor to balance it out.

“At the end of the day, it’s not a St. Paul’s event without humor, but I feel there was a great balance in the retreat between humor and emotion,” he said.


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