Senior Retreat Builds Unity

The Senior crosses continue to be a big part of tradition. (Photo by Karen Hebert)

(COVINGTON, La) — During Jan. 4-6, 2017, an event occurred that every underclassmen looks forward to with complete wonder and confusion. The Senior Retreat.

The night before the retreat, I felt a combination of both agitation and excitement. This agitation came from the unknown. I knew little about what would happen in the days to come. I was both prepared yet unprepared for what would happen.

Many things about the senior retreat remain mysteries and continue to keep many people, particularly underclassmen, in the clouds.

As a pre-freshman, all I heard was that there was a special senior retreat. The seniors in the past had done a very fine job of keeping everything a secret, because I, and the people I know, didn’t know anything about it other than the concept.

I find it funny that even the seniors are in the clouds until the exact moment something happens at the senior retreat. People in charge will tell the students where to go next after an event, but will not mention what they are doing when they get there or what else to expect. If you were to ask a moderator, they would respond with, “That’s a great question.” Even as seniors, we still have to wait until the exact moment something happens.

During the retreat, I experienced a sense of clarity and a sense of calmness. I also feel as if I learned some things about myself. “How did you learn those things?” you may be asking. That’s a great question.

The Senior Class waits in anticipation for their next retreat activity. (Photo by Karen Hebert)

Now that the retreat is over, I can look back and say I understand why it was kept a secret. It’s a very essential event, and it can do so much in that short amount of time. It’s surreal.

The senior retreat has many purposes overall, but one that is surely noticeable is the unity. Each activity is specifically designed to unite the seniors. I can honestly tell you that from attending the retreat, it does just that. This retreat truly demolishes any skepticism or doubt.

You may be asking yourself, “How does it do that?” and again I’ll say, that’s a great question.

Unfortunately for you, that’s all I’m saying. But sometimes mysteries are the best things, which can leave the best impressions once revealed.



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