Sophomore Service Day Inspires, Motivates Students

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(Covington, LA.) St. Paul’s sophomores recently participated in an annual event known as Sophomore Service Day to give back to the community and help others who are less fortunate.

“I really enjoy service day and the message it carries,” sophomore Scott Manifold said.

Service Day, organized mostly by Cross Country coach and World History teacher Kevin Moore, is an event where all of the sophomores at SPS break into multiple groups and go to various charities and work sites to give their time and energy to a good cause. Groups this year went to the North Shore Food Bank, Keep Covington Beautiful, Youth Rebuild, Catholic Charities, Food Pantry, and the Humane Society.

“I believe that real service is important to keep teenagers humble and honest,” Moore said. “We do it every year because I think that it is good for the kids to get a chance to do this for their communities.”

According to Moore, one of the most important service sites is Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities operates a home for elderly and severely mentally disabled who have been almost forgotten by their families.

“I only send students who I believe have the patience and compassion to just spend quality time with these people because they barely get any visitors,” Moore said.

Another site the sophomores attended was the North Shore Food Bank. At the food bank, students helped sort cans, pack boxes, and help load food into people’s cars.

“The work at the food bank is moving because you realize how close the people you are helping are to you,” said one sophomore. “They are not in some other state; they are right here in Covington. That was profound for me.”


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