Marian Players Prepare to Reprise ’12 Angry Men’ Nov. 8-12

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(Covington, La.) The principle of “reasonable doubt” will be on display on Nov. 8-12 in the St. Paul’s Alumni Memorial Theater during the Marian Player production of “Twelve Angry Men.”

Written by Sherman L. Sergel and adapted from the television show by Reginald Rose, “Twelve Angry Men” is about a murder case with twelve normal people as jurors, but each of them have their own problems. A boy on trial for killing his father comes from a discriminated group, and everyone thinks he is guilty, but there is only circumstantial evidence to support his blame. The play focuses on the debate in the jury room right after the trial. The process of convicting someone will be on trial, as well.

“We’re doing this play because the real story involves honesty, truth and seeing people for who they really are without prejudice or any preconceived ideas,” Director Denny Charbonnet says. “As a Catholic Christian school, we look at one another through the eyes of God, seeing us as He created us to be.”

According to Josh Rovira, who plays Juror #8, this play will appeal to all audiences, even those who don’t normally attend plays.

“I’m not typically much of a play enthusiast,” Rovira said. “This was the first play I ever saw nine years ago when the past St. Paul’s actors performed it in 2008. I left the theater with goosebumps because of the heavy stuff that goes on. I can assure the audience they will be on the edge of the seat.”

Charbonnet feels students who are studying law or capital punishment will find the play particularly relevant. In fact, the school plans to have the entire junior level attend a performance during the school day of Friday, Nov. 10.

“Last year, several of my students saw the movie, ‘Twelve Angry Men,’ in Law Studies class and asked if I would consider doing it for the fall. I prayed about it and felt like this was the right show for this year. I have been so pleased with this cast.”

The lead cast includes Justin McCleskey as the Foreman, Brady Meibaum as Juror #2, Isaac Hebert as Juror #3, Christian Butler as Juror #4, Ian Nicaud as Juror #5, Elias Simpson as Juror #6, Luke Vargas as Juror #7, Josh Rovira as Juror #8, John Baglow as Juror #9, Carson Caulfield as Juror #10, Caleb Frost as Juror #11, and Jacob Eilers as Juror #12. They are supported by Anthony Bonano as the Guard and Gabe Daigle as the Clerk.

Assisting Charbonnet is Barrett Baumgartner as the Assistant/Technical Director, Michael Boudreaux as Set Coordinator, Ellen Lipkos as Lighting Designer, Elise Angelette as Costume Designer, Jonathan Wellmeyer as Stage Manager and Sound Board Operator, Miguel Seruntine as Light Board Operator, and Callan Dannenhower and Michael Luccio as Crew.

Additional credit goes to Janet McRae, Shelley Faulkenstein, Jennifer Meibaum, and cast mothers for makeup; Michael Boudreaux, Barrett Baumgartner, Brady Meibaum, Christian Butler, Caleb Frost, and Luke Vargas for set construction; Barrett Baumgartner, Chloe Charbonnet, Kimberly Hebert, Leon Hebert, Kevin Jacob, and cast members for set painting; Greg Vanek, Trey Blackall, Abigail Hayes, and Jennifer Hayes for special features; Gabe Daigle for poster illustration; John Carambat for poster design; Christi Simoneaux for poster and t-shirt layout; Michael Sitarz for program layout; Angela Rovira for parent coordination and concessions; Mercie Vargas for tickets; Trisha Stewart for food program coordination; Kimberly Hebert for cast party coordination; Angelle Albright for cast photography; Christine Baglow for preview night coordination; and Bobby and Annette Thomas for t-shirts.

Tickets will be available in the school administration office (892-3200 ext. 1000), the Mother’s Club bookstore, and Braswell Drugs on S. Tyler St. (892-0818). The show runs Nov. 8, 9 and 11 at 7 p.m., with a matinee performance on Nov. 12 at 3 p.m. Tickets go on sale to students this week, and will be available to the public beginning Oct. 30, 2017.

“Twelve Angry Men” is presented with special permission from The Dramatic Publishing Company.

(All photos by Lester Guttuso)



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