¿Qué es Latin Dance Club? [video]

Ella Bereziuk and Alex Prokop practice Merengue dance at the Latin Dance Club meeting held in Benilde Hall on Friday, Dec. 1, after school. (Photo by Josh Rovira)

(COVINGTON, La.) St. Paul’s Latin Dance Club is less than a year old and is looking for new members to join in some festive after-school dancing.

Junior Josh Rovira is a member of the new and growing club. Rovira, an active student, has found a way to make time for it and his other extracurriculars.

Tyler Schelna and Ceci Falkenstein execute a spin to Elvis Crespo’s Sauvemente during the Dec. 1 Latin Dance Club meeting. (Photo by Liz Brett)

“I heard about it through my Spanish III teacher, William Nuñez. He mentioned he was trying to start the club after the soccer season ended,” Rovira said. “Soon after, Mrs. (Irene) Pelak made the club, and I jumped right in.”

While last year the club mainly focused on Merengue dancing, the club members have new dance methods they hope to learn.

“This year, we are hoping to learn Salsa dance,” Rovira said. “(Last year) we would have former teacher, Irene Pelak, teach us new moves every week for an hour. This year, since we don’t have her, I, with some other dedicated members, meet to to learn and practice the new move and then we teach it to other members when meeting time comes.”

St. Scholastica Academy students have also been involved in the club.

“After we would learn the dances, the guys would pair up with the girls and practice the moves,” Rovira said. “Last year, we had plenty of girls from SSA to dance with the guys, but we hope to have a greater turnout this year. It’s difficult to get a good turnout with all the sports, clubs and social pressure that prevents girls from trying new experiences, if it means they would be less liked by their peers — because Latin Dance would somehow result in that — but we always find a way to get girls to come.”

Ella Bereziuk and Josh Rovira learn new dance moves together at the Dec. 1 Latin Dance Club meeting. (Photo by Liz Brett)

The clubs practice dates change every week, but there is always one hour-long practice once a week after school.

“It has changed quite a bit, but it varies based on others’ schedules, to get more people to show up. We usually do it on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays for an hour after school,” Rovira said.

Latin Dance Club meetings take place in the third floor of Benilde Hall, and dates will be announced by Dean of Students Ken Sears on the daily announcements. Students can also get meeting notifications by joining the Latin Dance Club “Remind” group by texting @spslatin to the phone number 81010.

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Video: Members of the Latin Dance Club practice their moves at a recent club meeting, held on Dec. 1 in the Spanish Department on the third floor of Benilde Hall. (Video by Liz Brett)

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