5 Reasons to Watch ‘Stranger Things 2’

Most likely, you have heard of “Stranger Things,” the Emmy-Award-winning Netflix series, within the past year or so. Since Thanksgiving break is among us, you most likely need something to do, so why not binge-watch. With season two of the show having dropped Oct. 26, 2017, here are five reasons to watch it now. Spoilers have been kept to a minimum.

Acting Quality

  • Child acting can make or break the quality of a show. The kids in “Stranger Things” are all funny, loving and emotional when they need to be. All of the actors truly show how kids interact amongst each other.

New Characters

New characters Bob, Billy and Max add depth to the storyline. (image credit: Netflix)
  • New characters in the show include Bob (played by Sean Astin), Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) and Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery). We get to see each character thrive in their respective places. Max is the newest member to join the kids, and she becomes the center of a new adolescent love triangle. We also see Bob, who is now dating Will’s mom, become this lovable, nerdy character who plays a larger role than expected. Lastly, Billy is introduced as Max’s mean-spirited brother who immediately establishes himself as an alpha male, creating an intense rivalry with Steve and replacing him as the human antagonist.

Answers to the Cliff Hangers

Season one ends with Will thinking he’s back in the “upside-down.” (image credit: Netflix)
  • Season one ends on multiple cliff hangers, such as Will throwing up what is thought to be a baby demi-gorgon and thinking he is in the “upside-down.” As season two unfolds, you’ll see what’s really going on. We also get answers to what happened to Eleven, who simply disappeared at the end of season one.

Unlikely Friendships

  • In season two, you will watch characters team up who are not expected to mix well together, creating some great story arcs.

You Will No Longer be Left Out

  • Just like “Game of Thrones,” if you have yet to watch this show, then you most likely will be sitting in the corner for many conversations while everyone else is basically a “Stranger Things” expert. You will no longer feel upside-down when others talk about the shadow monster.

.   .   .

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