November Wolftracks

The November issue of Wolftracks covers the numerous upcoming events in December as well as various November alumni happenings, including the second annual Iron Wolf Alumni Decathlon. The issue also covers a number of student activities, such as the annual Dia de Los Meurtos celebration, the pre-freshman retreat and Sophomore Service Day. And don’t miss the coverage on the many campus success of the month, including the outstanding results of the Thanksgiving Food Drive and achievements by various students and campus organizations.

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One comment

  1. Reading this month’s newsletter under “monuments on campus”, I notice your mention Dixon Hall was an old classroom building. For me, Dixon Hall was my home as it was the “Senior Dorm” for the boarding students, and I just wanted to make note of that. It may have been a classroom at one time, but for me, it was my home away from home.  Bill IrishClass of 1972 Cell: 404-285-0026Office: 434-395-2655



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