Three Great, Co-Ed Valentine’s Day Gifts for Under Twenty Bucks

Buying gifts is never easy, especially when it comes to Valentines Day. To make matters worse, teenagers are typically not in the financial state to buy diamonds and/or Pelicans tickets. With that being said, here are three great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for under $20.

1) DivinityLA Wildlife Awareness Bracelets

Each DivinityLA bracelet comes with a description of the charity and a keepsake bag. (Photo by Carson Caulfield)

These bracelets are some awesome hidden gems that I highly recommend. is a bracelet company out of Los Angeles that specializes in handcrafted bracelets. One of their bracelet lines is “Wildlife,” and these things are pretty cool. Some of their best selling options, as seen in the picture below, are Sea Turtle, Giraffe and Panda. Not only do these homemade bracelets look amazing and only cost 16 dollars, a portion of each purchase goes to a charity that concerns the conservation of the animal on the bracelet. You can even read about each individual charity on their website.

I got the sea turtle one for myself, because, why not? Gotta save those turtles, man. The fact that these bracelets look great on both guys and gals may be the best part. There are a ton of ways that you can get creative with these bracelets with your significant other. You could match, mix, or surprise each other with your favorite. For the guys out there reading this, this will be a homerun present. It involves creativity, jewelry, and animals. All these will definitely  rack up some MAJOR brownie points. You’re welcome.

Three of DivinityLA’s wildlife collection, which includes giraffe, sea turtle and panda. (Photo by

2) Band and Movie Posters

Everyone has that one band or solo artist they obsess over. So why not buy your special someone a band poster for 12 dollars? Hopefully you know his or her favorite band, and if you don’t, then you should probably reconsider your relationship. They look great on bedroom walls, and for those heading off to college soon, they are great decorations that add personality to dorm rooms. The same goes for movie posters. I would personally have a poster of my favorite band up on my wall rather than my favorite movie, but that’s a personal taste thing.

For both band and movie posters, I recommend They have a huge collection of cheap posters for any band and movie you can think of. However, if you do a little more searching, you may find cooler poster designs elsewhere. Also, the redbubble posters are only on paper, and a cardboard poster is much more sturdy, and generally looks better. They just might be a little harder to find and a bit more expensive.

Band posters can add personality and style to bedroom wall space, (Photo by Carson Caulfield)

3) Laptop Stickers

Redbubble has a fantastic selection of stickers to choose from. (Photo:

Laptop stickers are rapidly gaining popularity among teens, as more and more teens are switching from pen and paper to computers (except during S.S.R., of course.) Laptop stickers are great for several reason. The first is that they are extremely cheap, no matter the size. The second is that they show personality, sense of humor, and personal interests that can create some sort of an identity for everyone to. And lastly, they are great ideas for couples who understand each other’s interest. For example, if your boyfriend enjoys “The Office,” then surprise him with a sticker of Kevin Malone spilling his humongous pot of chili.

Once again, Redbubble is the way to go for this gift. If you have a specific sticker category in mind, then directly search it on their website. However, I suggest surfing their most popular stickers page, which are filled with hundreds of hilarious stickers. You find them by clicking on the “Stickers” category on their homepage. Since a small sized sticker is literally only three dollars, you can buy your significant other multiple stickers that will surely brighten their day.

One or two stickers will only start a collection of laptop stickers that reflect one’s interests and personalities. (Photo: Kristin M. Bradshaw, TheRed&


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