Juniors Embark On National History Day Project

(COVINGTON, La.) St. Paul’s Honors U.S. History students are participating in this year’s National History Day competition, an international contest that starts with a regional competition at the World War II Museum.

“The skills students must utilize for the NHD projects are the skills most beneficial in higher education. This year the social studies department is piloting the program with Honors U.S. History students, and we may roll it out to all U.S. History students in the coming school years,” said Mrs. Gardner, Honors U.S. History teacher.

Students hard at work researching their NHD topics. Photo: Ben Davidson

The theme of this year’s content is Triumph and Tragedy in History, challenging students to look for moments in history where people prevailed through a tragedy. Also, rather than focusing on broad topics, students are encouraged to find smaller stories within those broader topics. Students have the opportunity to work individually or with a partner or group to create one of five project categories: documentary, exhibit, research paper, a live performance, or website.

“I really enjoy the idea of NHD because it gives me a chance to delve into a part of history that I care about. Having the creative freedom to do research on what I want is amazing,” said Junior Scott Manifold said.

National History Day has been around since 1974 and the program involves roughly half a million students around the world all conducting independent research towards their own topics. Students can advance through the levels of competition starting at regionals, then progressing to state and culminating in nationals in Washington D.C. Some winning projects are selected to go on display in a Smithsonian museum. “A winning project can earn students awards, scholarships, and even travel opportunities,” said Mrs. Gardner.



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