Escapology: Can You Become The Next Houdini?

(COVINGTON, La.) – What is Escapology? Escapology features multiple themed escape rooms consisting of five different challenges. In the escape rooms the players are given one hour to escape. While in the room, each team is given three hints so choose wisely. The time and place can range from Egypt to 1928 to Atlanta in 2013. The array of escape rooms have various difficulties, so first timers can start in the beginner rooms.

Escapology has had to remove escape rooms due to escape rates – the percentage of how many teams escape the room – being 10 percent or even lower. One of these rooms was called Under Pressure, the crew of the Steel Shark was headed for German battle cruiser when suddenly their engines had failed. The crew now has only an hour to figure out what went wrong and get the engines back up and running before they reach a depth of crushing pressure.

The Steel Shark (Photo Credit

The room was set up to look as if the team was actually in side of the Steel Shark. However, the first couple of puzzles were more frustrating than they should have been. This used up a lot of time. Needing to get to the engine room itself took some time, but was not impossible. After getting to the engine room the clues that were given back in the room before pointed the team in the wrong direction. Yet, if there is a team member that is observant and has a large imagination the possibility of escaping increases. Although, Under Pressure had many flaws the escape was enjoyable and entertaining. The flaws could have been easy to fix, but Escapology decided to remove the room and replace it with a new room. 

Going back in time to Minnesota, 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt boarded a train that would lead him into his demise. In the room called Assassination Express, the team must find and defuse the bomb that would lead to the murder of Roosevelt, America’s 32nd president, otherwise the timeline will be altered and the train will go down with the team in it. To save Roosevelt would mean that Europe would be saved and his New Deal Policy would be carried out.

The Assassination Express (Photo Credit-

 The team has now traveled an hour before the bomb detonates. They boarded the train and enter the dining car and the bomb is located somewhere in it. This room is simple and fun for the family. It allows for even the most oblivious people to help. The first couple of hint are easy to find and conquer. One of the puzzles will lead you into the kitchen of the dining car. This is where it can get a little confusing, but with a little brain power it’s very simple. Once you find the bomb, be careful because you are given one chance to disarm it and if you fail everything will go boom.

Escapology has three other escape rooms with different themes and different difficulties. The facility as a whole is great and can be fun for the entire family. Just make sure to use the three hints wisely and do not spend a lot of time on one puzzle. Remember time is of the essence and not a second an be spared in these exciting and thrilling games. 


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