Seniors Chow Down on Their Last Honor Roll Breakfast

Senior HR Bfast Q3 (15) Kevin, Andrew, and Wendy Norlin
Kevin, Andrew, and Wendy Norlan attending the senior honor roll breakfast (Photo Credit: Mimi Monteiro)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Honor Roll Breakfast, first instituted by Brother Ray in 1989, is a time-honored St. Paul’s tradition. Made to praise the accomplishments of high-scoring students, students breakfast with their friends and parents as Brother Ray gives educational speeches on academia and vocabulary. He also quizzes some of the students to make sure they are all listening, creating a fun and laid-back environment.

Honor Roll Breakfast began this semester on March 27 with seniors as the first grade in the cycle to eat in the cafeteria at St. Paul’s, shortly followed by the juniors, sophomores, freshman, and pre-freshmen respectively. In order to attend the breakfast, a student must have an all A transcript for the Gold Honor Roll Commendation or A/B for the Blue Honor Roll Commendation.

Senior HR Bfast Q3 (11) BRB serves Andrew Moore
President Brother Ray FSC serves Chick-Fil-A breakfast to senior Andrew Moore (Photo Credit: Mimi Monteiro)

Last year for the second semester the breakfast was Chick-Fil-A and was served as the meal for the students and parents. Coffee and fruit are also provided.

This Honor Roll Breakfast is the last one for the seniors, giving it a sentimental value for those who have been attending them since their pre-freshman year. This was their tenth and final honor roll breakfast, after all. This sentimental value is one of the memorable events marking the seniors’ departure, and will surely continue to be for graduating classes to come.

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