Ninth Grade Annual Retreat A Romp Through the Swamp

(COVINGTON, LA)– March 27 and 28 the ninth graders at Saint Paul’s School went to Camp Living Waters and then to Honey Island Swamp. At Camp Living Waters, the freshman had grade bonding activities and games against each other. The students then had time for prayer and reflection throughout the day. Afterward, the students attended a swamp tour in Slidell. The two-hour tour took students through spots of the unaltered spots of Honey Island Swamp. Retreats happen once a year for each grade at SPS, and each one is different.

Benches placed around across so students can reflect on the crucifixion (Photo Credit: Camp Living Waters)

During the retreat at Living Waters, the students participated in group-oriented activities led by the St. Paul’s Senior Eucharistic Ministers. There were small groups led by St. Paul’s Senior Eucharistic Ministers. The activities were small group-oriented, and the leaders were the ones helping the students. Camp Living Waters includes a gym, gaga ball pit, rope courses, and multiple nature trails. While the activities were competitive, they also helped the students bond, and ultimately become closer as a class. During the swamp tour, the students adventured through the untouched 250-mile radius of Honey Island. The students saw a plethora of wildlife including alligators, owls, turtles, and birds of all types.

Honey Island Swamp Tours sign embodies the aesthetics of the location (Photo Credit: Honey Island Swamp)

The goal of any St. Paul’s School retreat is for the students to become closer with God, themselves, and each other. The retreats are supposed to be fun, evident by how much of a great time the students have had over the years, but the main goal of the retreat is for the students to strengthen their relationships with God through the opportunity of prayer and reflection provided by the retreat.


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