18th Annual Celebrity Waiters Dinner

(COVINGTON) – St. Paul’s flashed back to the 1970s at this year’s Celebrity Waiters Dinner, held March 21 in the Briggs Assembly Center. The event is a major fundraiser of the SPS Renaissance Program, which funds numerous academic activities for the school’s students and faculty.

Mark Richards, Renée Miller, Miles Biggs Sr., John Donahue, Matt Pinero, Tom Huval, Tommy Buckle, Joanna Case, John Dubreuil, Douglas Tate, Gerald “Trip” Keller, Rick Gonzales, Karl Ordoyne, Craig J. Paretti, Jr., John “Scott” Ballard, Jane Russo, Paul Scoriels, Liz Brett, Keith West and John Carambat served as this year’s celebrity waiters.

SH all faces.JPG
Student Host help out during Celebrity Waiters (Photo Credits – Mimi Monteiro)

The event celebrated 1970s culture with tables decorated in Scooby Doo, Kiss, The Love Boat, Disco and other groovy themes. Party attendees danced to the music of the decade performed by Social and Four Unplugged. Prizes were awarded to Eric and Janel Gray for best costumes, Tommy Buckle for Top Waiter of the Year, and Lab Trust for best decorated table.

Best Table - Parkins and Lab Trust
The Best Table (Photo Credits – Mimi Monteiro)

St. Paul’s Renaissance Program helps students, faculty, parents, and business representatives increase community involvement. The goals for the 2019-2020 school year are to fund academic competitions, luncheons, educational workshops, life skills, etiquette training, student financial assistance, and continued support for Habitat for Humanity.



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