Student-Athletes Recognized at the Athletic Awards Ceremony

seniors wait for awards.jpg
Seniors posing for a picture after the awards ceremony. (Photo from Mrs. Karen Hebert)

St. Paul’s athletes were recognized at the school’s recent athletic awards ceremony.  While individual sports usually receive their own season recap assemblies, the athletic awards serve as an opportunity for all sports to have their accomplishments read out in front of the whole student body along with parents who attend.

In addition to the recap of each individual season, certain outstanding athletes were recognized for setting themselves apart from other students. These special awards include; Outstanding Pre-Freshman Athlete, Outstanding Freshman Athlete, Outstanding Sophomore Athlete, and Outstanding Junior Athlete. Seniors have three awards reserved for them. These awards include the C.L. Marcotte Award, the Eddie Polk Award, and the Jason Whittle Award. It is a tremendous honor to receive any of the above awards and the recipients are listed in the table below.

C.L. Marcotte Award Eddie Polk Award Jimmy Dunn Award Jason Whittle Award
Michael Phillippe Matthew Algero Jason Toups Francis Durio
Owen Hnatyshyn
Blake Ramsey
Outstanding Junior Athletes Outstanding Sophomore Athletes Outstanding Freshman Athletes Outstanding Pre-Freshman Athletes
Michael Dufour Jacob Frolich Zachary Fenn Joshua Kellum
Cole Ulfers Rhett Barker Daniel Sears Trevor Flood
Benjamin Broussard Grant Nastasi Eric Houte
John Salvaggio
underclassmen athletic award winners
The winners of each class’ “Outstanding Athlete” award pose for a picture. From left to right, top then bottom row; Grant Nastasi, Jacob Frolich, Ben Broussard, Micheal Dufour, Rhett Barker, Cole Ulfers, Trevor Flood, Zachary Fenn, Eric Houte, Joshua Kellum, John Salvaggio , and Daniel Sears. (Photo from Mrs. Karen Hebert)



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