Back to School Dances Welcome SPS Students, Old and New

(COVINGTON, La.) — School is back, and so is the back-to-school dance. On Friday, Aug. 16, St. Scholastica and St. Paul’s Student Councils are holding the annual back-to-school dances. St. Paul’s is hosting the 8th and 9th– grade dance in the Briggs Assembly Center. The 8th– grade social begins at 7 p.m. and they will be joined by the 9th– graders at 7:30 p.m. The upperclassmen’s dance is 7 to 9 p.m. at the SSA gym. Admission for both dances is $10. 

Josh Rovira, Sarah d’Hemecourt, Ella Jourdan, Luke Vargas (Credit- Ellie McHale)

“Reality TV” is  this year’s theme and each grade will dress as a different reality television program. “We’re all really excited about this year’s theme. It shows promise to be one of the most exciting themes the schools have seen in years,” said Anna Hummel, SSA public relations spokesperson. 

  • 8th – “ESPN” (Jerseys) for boys and “Toddlers & Tiaras” for girls 
  • 9th – “Jersey Shore” (Beach Attire) 
  • 10th– “Duck Dynasty” 
  • 11th – “Top Chef” (BBQ Dads) 
  • 12th –  “Survivor” (Togas) 

The dance has always been open to any St. Paul’s boys and SSA girls, but there are specific rules when it comes to bringing dates. St. Paul’s allows students to bring a female date from another school; whereas SSA leaves the dance open to any boy that attends a Catholic school. 

“I’m so excited to bring back the 8th grade social. It was an unforgettable part of my St. Paul’s experience and it’s incredible to be the one actually putting it on for this new class,” said Paxton Ballard, Student Body President. The Student Council has planned several fun activities for the 8th– graders. “We have some great games and ice breakers that are guaranteed to break that initial 8th grade awkwardness,” said Ben Schwing, Student Body Treasurer. 


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