Brother James Reminds Students to Live Courageously

This poster of Brother James depicts him holding a lamb to symbolize the innocence of the children he devoted his life to. (Credit: 

(COVINGTON, La.) — St. Paul’s will honor the memory of Bro. James Miller, FSC with the request “help us live courageously” added to the school’s daily morning prayer.

Bro. James’ life ended on February 13, 1982 as he was repairing a wall of the school. St. Paul’s own Bro. Jerry Vincent, FSC said, “Service is a crucial part of being a brother, and Bro. James gave his life in service.” While teaching in Guatemala, he and the other Brothers fought to prevent their students from being forced to serve in the Guatemalan military, leading to speculation that his death was because of the Brothers’ interference.

Brother James relaxing in a classroom. (Credit:

Bro. James is set to beatified by Pope Francis on Dec. 7, 2019, a rite of passage described by Bro. Ray Bulliard, FSC as, “the penultimate step before official Catholic sainthood.” The beatification will take place in the city of Huehuetenango, Guatemala where Bro. James was shot.

Bro. James died a martyr, and will earn the title of blessed once his beatification is complete. Canonization is the ultimate step to becoming a saint, and will soon be the only uncompleted step for Bro. James. To be canonized the sainthood candidate must have at least one miracle credited to them after the date of their beatification.



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