The Maelstrom Storms the Digital Age

(COVINGTON, La.) Once paper bound, the Maelstrom is now an online literary arts magazine. Robert Heap, the Maelstrom moderator, took the former magazine online and into the future. The Maelstrom has always been home to St. Paul’s students’ literary and artistic works but now it will include a plethora of new media styles.

The 2017 Spring Volume of the “Maelstrom(Photo Credit- Luke Vargas)

Heap decided to make the change from print to electronic in an effort to not only modernize the paper but to follow current literary trends. “A lot of established writers are being published in paper journals whereas up-and-coming writers are being published in online journals,” said Heap. “A lot of the literary innovation is happening in online journals.”

The Maelstrom will now publish students’ works from across all art mediums that have never been featured before. “Anything that you put creative effort into, we will publish,” said Heap.

On the Maelstrom, students can publish their visual, musical, and literary work by sending it to Robert Heap’s email:


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