HOSA Camp Teaches Middle Schoolers Neuroscience

Senior Jesse Cheng helping campers with a dissection. (Photo Credit- Paul Stolin)

(COVINGTON, La.) — In late July, young students interested in medicine participated in the second annual HOSA Biomedical Camp at St. Paul’s School. Fourth through seventh graders experienced all HOSA has to offer with a focus on neuroscience. Senior and HOSA President Paul Stolin said, “This year we wanted to switch things up by placing an emphasis on the rapidly advancing field of neuroscience.”

Campers dissect the sheep brain supervised by Senior Paul Stolin. (Photo Credit- Paul Stolin)

HOSA, a nationally recognized club for students interested in medicine, has been at St. Paul’s School for four years. It has won the 2017 HOSA State Cup, along with numerous other prestigious recognitions. Many of its members have qualified for the international HOSA conference.

HOSA aims to continue its tradition of excellence by introducing the new generation of students to medical science and encouraging in them a passion for the field.

Camper holds the tumor-filled brain of a dead sheep. (Photo Credit- Paul Stolin)

Students learned fundamental lessons in brain anatomy and physiology. They also learned about basic brain disorders and used the information to diagnose an original case report, eventually coming to the conclusion that the fictional patient suffered from a brain tumor. They then confirmed this diagnosis by analyzing CT and MRI scans of the patient’s brain. Campers even had the opportunity to dissect sheep brains with tumors similar to that of the patient.

HOSA hopes to keep the momentum going and continue to establish itself as a leading club at St. Paul’s School. Stolin said, “we hope to build on the last few years by expanding the club and continuing to enable those interested in medicine to flourish and pursue their interests.”


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