Joker Review: A Comedy or a Tragedy?

Joker official poster (2019) (Photo Credit: Vital Thrills)

Joker is the type of film that you will either love or hate, but it surely will not bore you.

The 2019 psychological thriller directed by Todd Phillips follows the cold and unfortunate life of Arthur Fleck, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, in the falling city of Gotham. As Fleck is continuously beaten down by the world both physically and mentally, the audience starts to build up sympathy for him and animosity for the world. There is always a feeling that things will go from bad to worse. Eventually, Fleck loses what sanity he has left after being fired, taken off medication, and attempting to make a career out of stand-up comedy. He stops caring about what he does and treats the world as if it is a comedy.

The movie can be sad and disturbing at times, but its message and vibe is tremendous. As Fleck is driven off the deep end, he lets his opinions free from his mind that the world only cares about people in high status, and people like him could be dead on the street, and no one would bat an eye. The creepiness of the film can make it a bit uncomfortable, but because it is intentional, it works well.

The music makes the viewing experience all the more intense and passionate. The Joker’s spine-chilling laugh can be what many remember from the film and is copied by a load of fans. The acting makes the movie all the more realistic.

Watching Joker was an overall great adventure filled with a roller coaster of emotion from fear to dread to excitement to horror. The one thing that is almost indisputable, however, is that it is not a movie that will leave you thinking it is like any other.


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