A Few Good Thoughts on A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men follows the story of three military lawyers at a court martial who unveil a conspiracy residing in the Marines while defending their client. The Marian Players, under the stewardship of Gordon Carmadelle, put on an astonishing show in the alumni theater at St. Paul’s. The beloved drama was originally written in 1989 by Aaron Sorkin, and was first performed on Broadway. Although not on Broadway, Carmadelle’s players performed in an exemplary manner. 

(Cast members stand resolutely during their
performance. From left to right: Elizabeth Knight,
Reece Grimley, Jake Holincheck, Ethan King,
Brendan McNeil, and Elias Simpson.)

St. Paul’s adaptation includes Jake Holincheck as Kaffee, Elizabeth Knight as Jo, Ethan King as Jessup, and Reese Grimley as Sam. The dialogue between characters was fast paced and, for the most part, kept the audience intrigued. Comical relief was present all throughout the performance which gave the audience a break from the serious court case. Although there was some confusing setting architecture and an occasional dry spot, Carmadelle did well with what he was provided in the century old theater. Stage lighting was exceptional throughout the night; the audience always had a clear view of what each character was doing while on set. The costumes were visually appealing and helped the audience easily distinguish characters. There were also interesting sound cues throughout the performance that kept the audience’s attention, such as an audio bit of the soldiers sounding off. The performance as a whole was a good experience that is well worth going to see. 


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