Students Take D.C. in the March For Life

Seniors Andrew Lacoste, Charles Hoy, and Patrick Kilgore pose in front of the White House. This year marks the first time a sitting President will make an address at the March for Life. (Photo Credit- Andrew Lacoste)

(WASHINGTON D.C.) — “All human life should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity,” said senior Andrew Lacoste. 22 St. Paul’s students joined the March for Life on Friday, all in support with this view on abortion.

Andrew Lacoste has his picture taken with Archbishop Aymond in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
(Photo Credit- Andrew Lacoste)

This year marks the 47th time pro-life marchers have gathered together in Washington D.C. to protest the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade 1973. Hundreds of thousands attend the march alongside Louisiana students from schools and church parishes across the state. Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, joined the delegation from the Archdiocese of New Orleans. When asked about the progress the March for Life has made in its 47 year history, the Archbishop was optimistic: “tremendous progress has been made. There are fewer abortions now than there has been in recent history, and it is really because people know more about abortion and respecting the life of the unborn.”

President Donald Trump addressed the marchers this year. Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at last year’s event, but this year marks the first time a sitting president has made an appearance at the March for Life. In his address, Trump called it “a profound honor to be the first president to attend the March for Life.” The President acknowledged “the tens of thousands of high school and college students” in attendance and called them “the heart of the March for Life.” President Trump announced on Wednesday that he would make history and appear at the March for Life amidst the impeachment trial currently underway in the Senate.

“As always we appreciate the affirmation of the President. It is not a personal affirmation, it is his testimony that he believes in the sacredness of human life,” said Archbishop Aymond. In his speech, President Trump illustrated the “sacredness” of the life of unborn children and pointed out the legislative actions he has supported in favor of the pro-life movement.

President Trump has appointed two pro-life supreme court justices during his administration.
(Photo Credit- AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

“It’s your generation that is making America the pro-family, pro-life nation,” said President Trump in his address. Aymond made similar comments, saying, “this generation is a generation of life. The young people of today have very, very strong voices, which we appreciate, asking for the dignity of life.”


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