A Warning From “King Tide”

New Zealand shores have recently experienced a “king tide.” These are become more common around the world. (Photo Credit: The Conversation)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Thanks to photographers, scientists have been able to see and evaluate the size of the “king tide” that washed up on the shores of New Zealand. “King tides” are just especially high tides during spring, but they have eroded the coasts of the country and are scheduled to continue. New Zealand is not the only coast being affected by the expanding tides because the west coast of the United States is starting to show signs of “king tides.” Scientists are studying these high tides to predict the timing of rising of sea levels because they are concerned for what these rising sea levels will mean for worldwide coastal communities. 

Over the last 20,000 years, sea levels have risen some 400 feet. By 2050, scientists predict that the sea level will rise another 30 centimeters. Sea level rise could cause serious consequences to coastal ecosystems and eliminate wetlands. Experts predict that approximately 10% of coastal communities in the U.S. could undergo chronic flooding by 2060. In the next few decades, eastern coast cities are at the highest risk of flooding from the rise of sea level, such as New York City and Miami. However, cities with low sea levels, like Death Valley and New Orleans, are also at risk. Many say that this is a result of global warming. Humans have contributed to this issue and continue to contribute on a daily basis in economical, sociological, and political ways. Human-caused greenhouse gases are a major culprit behind this. So how can we prevent it?

Experts believe global warming could not only have a severe effect on humans, but animals as well. (Photo Credit: Environmental Defense Fund)

Using renewable energy, decreasing the waste of water and food, and driving a fuel efficient vehicle, such as hybrids and electric vehicles, are all small ways to delay rise of sea levels. NASA says that the prevention of climate change could still be possible. However, preventing climate change would require drastic changes that people will most likely not be willing to make, making it appear as though rising sea levels are inevitable. 

Enjoy the coasts of countries around the world while still possible. 


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