Saints Strengthen Offensive Line and Quarterback Room in 2020 Draft

(COVINGTON, La.) — The first virtual NFL Draft was held on April 23 through 25. The Saints were tied with the least amount of draft picks heading into the draft with five, but then made some trades and ended up with only four at the end of the draft. 

The Saints first round pick, Cesar Ruiz, pass blocking for his former college team the Michigan Wolverines. (Photo Credit: The Tennessean)

In the first round, the New Orleans Saints selected Cesar Ruiz. Ruiz is a very versatile and athletic center who adds to the young and skilled offensive line of New Orleans. Many fans were confused by this pick with LSU linebacker Patrick Queen still on the board, a choice that could have further strengthened the offensive line. This was the correct pick for the Saints, however, because a big reason for their relatively poor showing last year was due to a weak offensive line that was dominated by the Vikings front. Coach Sean Payton claimed that he and guard Larry Warford will have to fight for the spot. The offensive line was in need of a young player who can do their job, and Ruiz can potentially fulfill that role.

The Saints traded their second round pick last year, and their closest next pick is in the third round where they selected Zach Braun. Braun is an outside linebacker from Wisconsin University and has first round talent.  He played all four years in college, and is a great leader on the field. The linebacker position is one of the Saints most needed positions, and they got themselves a good one.  

The Saints third pick came in the fourth round.  The fourth round selection was made for tight end Adam Trautman, who stands at a tremendous 6 feet 6 inches. He was originally recruited to play basketball at Dayton until he was dragged onto the football team which he has loved ever since. This was a surprise to many people as they had never heard of him before, but the Saints really picked him because of the similarities they saw with him and former Saints tight end Jimmy Graham.

The Saints last pick was in the seventh round. With this selection the Saints took Tommy Stevens, a quarterback from Mississippi State. This was a good pick by the Saints because they need to build up the quarterback room for when Brees retires. Although the Saints just signed quarterback Jameis Winston, the Saints still need young talent in that position. He is a big and physical player reminiscent of Taysom Hill just out of college. If the Saints can have two Taysom Hills then there is no reason to complain.  


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