I’m (Kind Of) Lovin’ It: Travis Scott Meal Review

Travis Scott partners with McDonald’s to put his name on the menu. (Photo Credit: The Des Moines Register)

(COVINGTON, La.) — McDonald’s has collaborated with popular rapper Travis Scott on a meal that has proved to be a marketing boom. This isn’t the first time the restaurant has teamed up with a cultural icon. In 1992, diners could feast on the McJordan Special.  Today’s Travis Scott Meal is so popular that it has put a strain on McDonald’s ability to meet the demand, selling out in stores across the country. 

Scott, rapper and songwriter, got his name on the McDonald’s brand by advertising the restaurant on his website and social media pages. But is this meal worth the hype?

The Travis Scott Meal exhibits its glory. (Photo Credit: Ian Nicoll)

The Travis Scott meal consists of a dressed quarter pounder, fries and a drink. The only way it differs from a regular meal is that the burger has bacon, and the fries come with barbecue sauce. It serves up 1180 calories of McDonald’s best that I felt at least tried. It didn’t blow me away, but it was better than I expected. 

While the meal itself seems overhyped, the cross promotion did compel me to give the meal a try, and it was worth the six dollars I spent on it.


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