St. Paul’s Welcomes a New Brother

Bro. Javier gives a lecture to students at Saint Mary’s University. (Photo Credit: Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota)

(COVINGTON, La.) — St. Paul’s welcomes Bro. Javier Hansen, FSC, to the religion department.

Bro. Javier starts a new journey on St. Paul’s campus. (Photo Credit: Bro. James Joost, FSC)

Bro. Javier, a native of San Francisco, was inspired to join the Christian Brothers while a student at St. Mary’s College of California. He has taught at schools in Philadelphia, and El Paso, but he first taught religion and physical education at San Francisco.

Bro. Javier’s mother taught him Spanish in his youth. “I have family in Mexico,” Bro. Javier said, “so we go and visit them. I have fun using my Spanish to communicate with them.” He has two older sisters and one older brother. “Being the youngest in my family, I was able to get away with a lot, leading me to learn the importance of school,” Javier said.

Each year St. Paul’s prays for the intercession of a religious figure. Blessed Bro. Scubilion Rousseau, FSC is this year’s induction into the school’s prayer. Bro. Scubilion worked in the poorest areas of the world and respected all people. Bro. Javier said that he looks up to Bro. Scubilion. “We must remember the less privileged communities,” Javier said. “We have it good at St. Paul’s that’s why it’s our job to help those in need.”


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