St. Paul’s Jumps Into Spirit Week

The St. Paul’s tradition of Spirit Week is a little different this time around. (Photo Credit: NHS Talon Tribune)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Even though St. Paul’s is unable to have a homecoming dance, this is not stopping Student Council from holding related activities. This week (Oct. 26 – 30) will feature dress-down days and field day activities.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, each grade will have its own individual field day during last period on designated days: eighth grade on Monday, ninth grade on Tuesday, and so forth. Students have the option to play basketball, spike ball, cam jam and more. They will also be able to purchase Kona Ice during the week.

Each day of the week, students will be able to wear theme day attire.

Monday: Hawaiian Shirt Day, Field Day for Pre-Freshmen

Tuesday: Twin Tuesday, Field Day for Freshmen

Wednesday: Hero Day, Field Day for Sophomores

Thursday: Jersey Thursday, Field Day for Juniors

Friday: Blue and Gold with PE shorts, Field Day for Seniors


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