Some Clues About the Newest Marian Player’s Production

The Marian Players began their theater season when Clue opened on Oct. 27.
(Photo Credit: Mimi Monteiro)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Curtains opened on St. Paul’s theater season with the first performance of Clue, a comedy based off of the popular board game.

The time is 1954. Mr. Boddy invites six guests to his mansion where he reveals that he is blackmailing each of them. In a twist of fate, Mr. Boddy is found dead on the floor, and the the guests try to solve the crime of who murdered him.

Although the plot seems dark on paper, the play is light-hearted and comical. The fast pace never left a moment dull, and the sound effects were perfect and added to the humor. The costumes were visually appealing, and the characters were easily identifiable because of their true-to-the-board game color scheme.

Overall, it was fantastic performance by the Marian Players and is well worth seeing for a laugh.

Actor Jake Holincheck said, “The cast was super fun to work with and the play was hilarious. It was one of the best times I have ever had.”

Zach Van Zandt and Daniel Whalen shine in the Marian Players recent production of Clue. (Photo Credit: Mimi Monteiro)


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