PJ’s Opens Back Up, But Things are a Little Different

Students place their order outside of Benilde Hall. (Photo Credit: Magnus Laue)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Under COVID-19 protocols, St. Paul’s has implemented a new way to operate its student-managed PJ’s.

A customer places an order from outside the window, is given a number, and waits for it to be called. The order is then distributed in a COVID-friendly fashion.

Senior Donald Garvey takes orders from outside the coffee shop. (Photo Credit: Ian Nicoll)

St. Paul’s PJ’s opened on the bottom floor of Benilde Hall in late 2018 and is in operation every day at lunch.

“Having an experience working in the coffee shop is more valuable than anything I could teach them from a textbook,” economics teacher Brian Logarbo said regarding his students working the PJ’s.


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