Mothers’ Club Honors Seniors With Fun Lunch

Seniors gather as raffle prizes are given out at the Fun Lunch. (Photo Credit: Zachrey Gros)

(COVINGTON, La.) — The SPS Mothers’ Club recently sponsored a Fun Lunch for seniors, featuring barbecue sandwiches from Walk-Ons and a slew of competitive activities.

Nicholas Dufrene tries to stay balanced on the mechanical bull provided at the Fun Lunch. (Photo Credit: Zachrey Gros)

In addition to corn hole, volleyball, and ping pong, students were able to ride a mechanical bull and play on a bungee cord basketball inflatable. Despite some students reporting brush burns and scrapes from riding the bull, most were excited to experience the bull riding, a new activity to this long-standing senior tradition.

First place winners in each competition won prizes, whether it be a Chick-fil-A gift card or a clown hat. Raffle prizes were also given out. Mothers’ Club members made sure that seniors had all the ice cream sandwiches that they could eat.

“The Fun Lunch was actually way more fun that I had even hoped it would be,” said Student Council President Davis Lagarde. “Being able to just be outside with the senior class and have fun for a period made me feel like I was finally getting to do some of the normal things seniors usually get to do. And getting off of school early was definitely a plus as well,” said Lagarde. “I would have to say my favorite part of the day was riding that mechanical bull, and then shortly being thrown off of it. What was almost equally fun was watching other people try their best to ride that bull, with varying degrees of success,” he said.

(From left to right) Seniors Turner Land, Jacob Pichon, Luke Beckendorf, and Charles Sandoz enjoy time together at the Fun Lunch. (Photo Credit: Zachrey Gros)
Caden Chitwood, dressed as a wolf, triumphantly rides the mechanical bull at the Fun Lunch. (Photo Credit: Zachrey Gros)


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