St. Paul’s Boasts State Championships in Wrestling and Powerlifting

Jacob Frazier prepares for his wrestling match in his contribution to the Wrestling Wolves’ state championship. (Photo Credit: Shea Duet)
The Iron Wolves took home their state championship trophy after routing Holy Cross. (Photo Credit: Jesse Kellum)

(COVINGTON, La.) — In March, the St. Paul’s powerlifting team took home the LHSAA state championship. The team also boasts two state champions, three runners-up, and two third-place finishers.

Sophomore Joshua Kellum won his second straight individual state championship after a cancelled tournament last year. “This season was meaningful to us because the championship match was cancelled last year,” Kellum said. “We put in that extra drive and grit. Although I did break the squat record, I am happier about the team state championship more than anything,” he said.

In other exciting athletic news: the St. Paul’s Wrestling Wolves finished first in February’s state championship. The Wolves beat Holy Cross by 51 points, making them the first wrestling team in St. Paul’s history to win state in Division 1.

Jacob Houser, Grant Nastasi, Peyton Ward and Blain Cascio led the group with individual state championship finishes. Carter Duet and Sean Cripple were state runner-ups. Trey Faherty and Michael Rader finished third in their weights while Landry Barker and Joshua Sabadie finished fourth in theirs. Ian Lyons finished 5th in his weight class. Rounding out the championship squad were Conlan Enk, Grant Vicknair and Preston Hickey.

“After a great season, I think we are where we need to be to make it into next year’s mix,” said Head Coach Matt Pinero.

Zach Montz, Joshua Kellum, Tristan Cordez, Douglas Ricalde, and Chandler Loescher celebrate after their powerlifting victory. (Photo Credit: Jesse Kellum)


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