WELCOME, Class of 2026

This past week St. Paul’s School started its 110th year of education. Many new faces were introduced to the campus as the class of 2026 was given a warm welcome, starting with Pre-freshmen orientation two days before classes resumed. Each Pre-freshmen was put into groups and given a tour of the campus led by senior and junior hosts. After their tours, they returned to the Wolf Dome and ate pizza with their new classmates. “The goal of this orientation is to get the students comfortable and eliminate any unnecessary stress brought on by first day jitters,” says Mr. Ramon the campus minister. The hosts led tours through the different buildings and classrooms getting the students comfortable with them, their peers, and where their classes are located. “From interacting with the members of my group I think there is a bright future for St. Paul’s and I am very excited to see them grow within the brotherhood,” said Sam Gold, a Pre-freshmen Orientation tour leader.

After Pre-freshmen Orientation, the class of 2026 was ready to start their St. Paul’s career, but first was Brother Ray’s famous opening President’s Assembly in which the Pre-freshmen are greeted to the assembly with a standing ovation from the student body as Jean-Joseph Mouret’s “Rondeau” plays in the background. They experienced their first assembly as part of the warm welcome they received on Tuesday. After the orientation and their first President’s Assembly, the class of 2026 is ready take on their Saint Paul’s career.


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