COVID and How the Wolves are Coping

Since the Wolves have gotten back to school on August 5th, Louisiana’s COVID-19 cases have went up to almost 5,600 cases per week. Since then the mask mandate has returned, so students now are required to wear face masks indoors at all times.

Saint Paul’s held a vaccine drive on August 12th which gave easy access to the COVID-19 vaccine to Saint Paul’s students and teachers. With many student and teachers in attendance, Saint Paul’s is doing what they can to combat COVID-19.

As a preventative measure to stop the spread of COVID-19, Saint Paul’s has a quarantine system in which non-vaccinated students that sit one seat horizontally or vertically to a student with COVID-19 must stay quarantined for at least seven days with a negative COVID-19 test. At its peak the Wolves have had almost over 200 students in quarantine this past week.

In an interview with Junior Benjamin Barousse, he said ” Virtual learning is an innovative way to include students that are under quarantine into the class and especially with a year of experience under their belt the teachers of Saint Paul’s are exceptional in their handling of COVID-19.” Although nobody wants to have to deal with COVID-19, the faculty and students of Saint Paul’s are handling it with grace and doing their part to end this pandemic.

Teacher, Sam Francis, receives COVID-19 vaccine


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