Marian Players: Peter and the Star Catcher

Saint Paul’s Marian Players led by Gordon Carmadelle are back at it with this fall’s upcoming play, Peter and the Star Catcher. Kicking off the theater process with tryouts, Mr. Carmadelle says, “we have our callbacks today, and it’s exciting for us to see a combination of students that have done several shows with us in the past and so many new faces to the Theater program.” Although this year’s Covid-19 precautions might push back the play, the young actors are working hard to make it one of their best. As of now, the play is to be held at the Saint Paul’s Alumni Theater on multiple dates spanning from October 27th, 2021 through November 6th, 2021.

Peter and the Star Catcher will be shown October 27th- November 6th

Peter and the Star Catcher is a prequel to the infamous Peter Pan. The story focuses on Peter and his friends going on an adventure of a lifetime involving pirates, flying, and an island full of boys. “I think it has unlimited potential. It’s such a fresh, new, fun story, and it’s something I believe audiences are going to enjoy for a few hours of their time. I think it’s the right play at the right time for the program and the community”, claims Carmadelle when asked about the potential the play has for success. He is very confident in the new group of young actors that will be coming in and goes on to say, “I’m excited about the new faces. The only way to continue to grow a program and to keep the level of excellence that we’ve worked hard to reach here is to keep welcoming new students to the program. I’m looking forward to seeing them interact with our amazing actors that have many shows under their belt, and seeing the wonderful mentorship that I know will take place.”

A lot of hard work and effort goes into these plays and we are thankful to those who put their blood, sweat, and tears into providing a quality play. As a school, we are all excited to be able to watch this play and see what Mr. Carmadelle and his crew of actors are able to pull off.


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