Wolves Football Returns at Christian Brothers Jamboree

Football is back! The Saint Paul’s Wolves will first line up at home in Hunter Stadium on August 27th to face the Archbishop Rummel Raiders in a preseason contest during the Christian Brothers Jamboree. “It’s gonna feel good to have everybody together again, and part of that community that we have,” Athletic Director Coach Francis stated about the jamboree.

The night will begin with the Wolves’ junior varsity team, who will first trot onto the field for a two-half scrimmage against Rummel that will be kicking off at 6 P.M. The full-length varsity game will begin later at 7 P.M. While it may be a preseason contest that will affect neither team’s record, that does not make the jamboree any less valuable for the Wolves, as it will be their first time in a game-like atmosphere this season.

During one of the most challenging years in the program’s history, the Saint Paul’s Football Wolves made the playoffs with a 4-3 regular-season record in 2020. With that, the Wolves ended last season with a three-game collapse. Their previous loss was in the playoffs at home to the rival Jesuit Blue Jays, effectively ending their championship hopes.

Against Rummel, who lost in the first round of the playoffs after a 6-1 regular season last season, the Wolves will have their first shot in a game-like setting since November 27th. “It’s really neat that we get to do our first jamboree against another Lasallian School,” Coach Francis said. The coaching staff will be watching extra closely as many of the players will be fighting to be a part of the starting twenty-two that will take the field on Friday nights. Regarding the players, Coach Francis said, “They’re still moving guys around still trying to see where they’re gonna fit into the schemes of certain ideas or certain packages.”


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