2021 Cross Country Team Preview

After a successful time trial on Thursday, August 26th, the running Wolves are ready for the 2021 season. After a tenth-place finish in the state last year, the Wolves will look to try and improve on that finish this year. It will be a tall task with the loss of Evan Pardo, who finished his Saint Paul’s running career as a top 5 runner in school history. Another variable going against the Wolves this year is the stacked competition. Teams such as Catholic High, Jesuit, and Ruston seem to be the front runners this year. Catholic High continually churns out top runners, Ruston just finished with the best runner in the state last year, and Jesuit is loaded for the future with multiple talented sophomores and freshmen.

This year the Wolves are led by seniors Daniel Bitterwolf, Gage Graham, and Marco Vargas, and the team has much promise. After completing the time trial, the top 10 runners have been decided, and the team is ready to compete. The MVP of the time trial was senior runner Gage Graham who posted an incredible time of 16:09. Senior Gage Graham is exceptionally excited about the team this year. He says, “the team can be really good if we decide to put the work in. The talent is there, but it’s up to us whether we want to put in the work and be the top team in the state.” The Wolves were looking forward to running in Highland Park on September 11th but decided to postpone due to Hurricane Ida. The running wolves will compete in their first meet Saturday, September 18th, at Saint Thomas Aquinas. The rest of the schedule consists of multiple meets in Baton Rouge at Highland Park, and obviously, the state meets in Natchitoches, Louisiana.


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