Saint Paul’s Encourages Student Participation at Get Involved Day

In the spirit of an inclusive community, one of the school’s five core principles, Saint Paul’s, hosted “Get Involved Day” to show students options and promote school organizations. While the usual clubs such as Student Council, Habitat for Humanity, and Key club were there, we also had various new clubs offer new and fun options for the students to choose. Some of the new clubs introduced were Spikeball Club, Outdoors Club, and Wolves of Nature club.

The Spikeball club led by Ben Barousse and Marco Vargas had a huge turnout, with over 70 people joining! The main focus of this club is to create an environment where the upper class-men and the lower class-men can engage in a fun but competitive activity and grow to know each other. Ben Barousse, Grand Chancellor, and Marco Vargas, Deputy Chancellor, say, “We are very excited to start playing with the guys that want to come out, and we hope that Spikeball club can host some cool tournaments and we welcome anyone; else who wants to come out and play.”

The Outdoors Club is a new addition to Saint Paul’s clubs and is led by Mr. Escher. Living in Louisiana, it is hard when you are looking for some adventure in the outdoors, and the goal for Mr. Escher is to “provide a variety of opportunities from local day hikes, overnight camping trips, paddling adventures, and backpacking excursions.” Although we don’t have mountains or white water, Mr. Escher is confident that we can find fun and new ways to enjoy the outdoors in Louisiana.

The Wolves of Nature Club at Saint Paul’s is a new and exciting club led by Juniors Davis Peltier and Evan Leaber. It offers students a chance to dive into the world of reptiles and study them and try and find them. Not only is the club focused on snakes, but they are also focused on finding excellent trails around the area. Davis and Evan are excited to get this club going and are looking forward to getting out into the Louisiana wilderness! Here is what Davis and Evan have to say about what they hope the club can do, “Well in Louisiana, we have more swamp and wet area than a lot of the rest of the states, and I plan on finding fun things for the club members to do by researching different state parks and nature trails to make sure they would be fun and safe to go to.”

Saint Paul’s strives to have an inclusive community daily, and all clubs are ready for new members. From community service to Spikeball, Saint Paul’s has it all and can’t wait for all of the students to get involved!


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