Saint Paul’s Football Takes on Slidell High for Their Homecoming Game

This Friday on September 24th, Saint Paul’s takes on Slidell High for the homecoming game. After last week’s win, the Wolves look to improve their win streak to two wins. This will be a tough challenge as Slidell is a good district rival that always plays the Wolves tough. Last year, the Wolves won by a slim margin of 35-32; however, the Tigers only have 16 returning seniors instead of Saint Paul’s 20. This week will be a little different for the Wolves as Senior starting quarterback Grant Bilson will not be playing. After Bilson went down, Junior quarterback Danny Roushar stepped in the game and did relatively well. He threw the ball when needed and did not make any bad mistakes. Overall, the Wolves rely on their run game and will take pressure off of the junior quarterback. Senior running back Ben Knobloch, when asked about how the team is adjusting to the new quarterback, said, “Bilson being injured hurts, but he has been practicing, and Danny Roushar has stepped up in his absence, so we will see on Friday. Bilson has also been helping Roushar.”
Another key to Friday’s game will be the fan and student attendance. This week’s dress theme is blue out. Last week was obviously gold out as almost every SSA and SPS student was wearing a gold top. We also asked Ben Knobloch about the impact of the student section, and this is what he had to say, “Seeing the student section packed is pretty cool. It keeps the intensity and energy high when the student section is being loud and crazy.” So, come out, support your Wolves, and feed into that energy that Ben Knobloch said was present.

For more information about the Homecoming Week activities read the Homecoming Week 2021 article written by Ben Barousse.


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