Battle of the Bands

Over the past two weeks, the Marching Wolves have been working persistently to become the best version of themselves we have seen yet. For the first time ever, the Marching Wolves go head to head against the Covington Marching Lions on Friday, October 8. At 5:00 pm, the band takes on their arch-rivals in a Battle of the Bands. This is the first year that the two bands will compete against one another in an official competition. 

The history of the Wolves vs. the Lions is a long-standing rivalry with many action-packed moments and incredible memories that fans will remember forever. Not once have these two schools disappointed the crowd, whether it be on the football or baseball field, basketball court, or marching down the streets of New Orleans. The Marching Wolves have always taken competitions to the next level, winning multiple Jazz and Brass band awards in Disney World, as well as numerous first-place marching and concert awards from the city of New Orleans. 

On Friday, the two bands plan on performing alongside one another in a pre-game show. “The Marching Wolves have something big up their sleeve planned for the halftime show,” Junior Drum Major Zachary Bono says. The Marching Wolves band director, Andrew Moran, has been planning a strategy to put on the field against the Lions. With the brilliant minds of Andrew Moran and the drum majors, alongside the talent of the 92 piece band, the Marching Wolves are sounding and looking great. 

Tickets for the Battle of the Bands are on sale now and will be sold at the entrance gate. It is a great way to truly see what we already know about the Marching Wolves and that is that they are the best high school band in the state of Louisiana. 


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