The Greyhound, Food Review

The Greyhound is a brand new multi-cultural culinary experience. Located in the heart of Downtown Covington this establishment looks quaint and trim on the outside, but as you open the door, it turns into a mid-sized restaurant with dining rooms that seemed reminiscent of a train station. I dined at The Greyhound with my friend, Sam Gold. Sam Gold and I were seated at a cafe-style small table where we met our waitress. She was helpful and extremely patient when it came to explaining the menu. We ended up starting with the shrimp cocktail, which is a heavily ordered small dish here, and it was terrific. Not only did it give off signature original taste, but there was also some great spice to it, which is heaven for those with “cajun” taste buds. Onto the main course, Mr. Gold ordered the Schnitzel, and I indulged in the Oyster Rockefeller pizza, and we also shared a basket of their homemade fries. Gold commented on his meal, saying, “it was very delicious, extremely crispy and doused in a hollandaise sauce that made the meal as amazing as it was.” My pizza was amazingly made into a thin crust style with an alfredo base and mozzarella cheese topping along with bacon chives and, of course, the oysters. I will say that the oysters by themselves are not necessarily my taste, but the house fries made up for it all. The French fries were served with a selection of three different sauces and were cooked to a perfect crisp. Overall, The Greyhound restaurant and Bar receives a seven out of ten-star rating from me. The restaurant loses points for the speed of my pizza first off, which took about thirty minutes to be made due to a backed-up kitchen, the oysters not being completely my favorite, and the menu prices don’t seem entirely justified. Would we eat here again? Yes, this place, minus its negatives, is fantastic and can also follow all CDC guidelines and still manage to bring the Covington community together.

Mason Schwall enjoying his Oyster Rockefeller Pizza


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