14 Saint Paul’s Students Named 2021 National Merit Scholars

The school year has kicked off, and St. Paul’s is preparing to present their 2021 National Merit Scholars. The National Merit Scholar program recognizes students who have achieved superior academic accomplishments. Those who score within the top 4% on the PSAT in the state become Commended Scholars. To become a National Merit Semifinalist, students need to cut within the top 1%, approximately 16,000 a year achieve this honor.

Once a Semifinalist, students must write a robust application and score well on the ACT to become National Merit Finalists. Finalists receive a National Merit Scholarship of $2,500. Additionally, Finalists can also receive College-Sponsored Merit Scholarship Awards from colleges, such as Alabama. Around 1,000 National Merit Semifinalists who fail to become Finalists receive Special Scholarships from private organizations by meeting their criteria.

“We are very proud of our National Merit Scholars,” St. Paul’s Counselor Mrs. Woodard said. This year, twelve St. Paul’s students were named National Merit Semifinalists, and two, Commended Scholars, the largest group ever. As juniors prepare to take the PSAT next Wednesday and begin their journey, St. Paul’s continues to produce a plethora of National Merit Scholars.

The Saint Paul’s Class of 2022 National Merit Semifinalists: Thomas Cazenavette, William Ditta, James Walker Dubreuil, Gage Graham, Andrew Hightower, Carter Murphy, Zachary Nichols, Michael Olson, Preston Orgeron, Brody Reina, Kason Shaw, and Daniel Whalen. Saint Paul’s also is honored by two Commended Scholars: Marco Vargas and Blake Weimer.


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