Saint Paul’s Celebrates its 110th birthday

Saint Paul’s celebrated their 110th birthday on Tuesday, October 12th. Due to last year’s strict Covid-19 protocols, Saint Paul’s could not honor our birthday, so Brother Ray made this year’s celebration extra special. Although Saint Paul’s actual birthday was September 14th, we had postponed the celebration because of Saint Paul’s recovery from Hurricane Ida. However, Saint Paul’s always perseveres. Brother Ray says, “Neither a pandemic nor a category four hurricane can prevent Saint Paul’s School from celebrating 111 years of providing a Catholic Lasallian education to the young men entrusted to our care.” The birthday celebrations included marching around campus with the band, snack day, and a President’s assembly. The President’s assembly included a brief history of Saint Paul’s.

In 1909, Dixon Academy was forced to close because of the lack of students attending. Immediately, all of the buildings and property went for sale for a whopping price of $65,000.00. Saint Joseph’s Preparatory Seminary, also located in Covington, was initially interested, but as directed by the seminary head, Father Adelbert Svrcek, decided not to purchase the property. The seminary had recently suffered from a great fire in 1907 which would cost $100,000.00 to repair. Because of this, Father Adelbert thought it would be too much debt to be adding on.

1911 rolls around, and the Dominicans eventually come across what was Dixon Academy intending to purchase it. Father Lorente, the procurator of the Dominicans, got permission to purchase Dixon Academy by Archbishop Blank. In July of 1911, The Dominicans gave Saint Paul’s the name of “Saint Paul’s College.” Father Augustine was eventually given the title of the first principal of Saint Paul’s College. Father Augustine did not expect Saint Paul’s to attract many students and was skeptical of the school’s future success.

The Brothers had difficulty getting to Saint Paul’s after fleeing Mexico because of bandits who had overrun their territory. Luckily they were accepted into the United States and stayed with the Brothers of the United States. Their hard work paid off, and Brother Niceas Bertin encouraged them to find work in the United States. They were in New Orleans when they found out about Saint Paul’s campus in Covington, Louisiana, and they decided to check it out. February 11th, 1918, the Brothers arrive at Saint Paul’s and walk through the arches as our seniors do every year during “March Through the Arch.” They went on to purchase the school from Father Augustine, starting the Lasallian tradition at Saint Paul’s.With God’s power and the brothers’ determination, Saint Paul’s has become the school it is today. 

Saint Paul’s School has come a far way from where it first began. It has provided 111 years of quality education for all students and will continue this legacy for many years to come. 

Juniors Sam Gold, Ben Vining, James Peters, and Trevor Flood give Saint Paul’s birthday celebration eight thumbs up.


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