Food Review: Pyre Provisions

Pyre Provisions is a restaurant located on Highway 21 with a barbecue-styled cuisine. The atmosphere reminds one of a rustic smokehouse with an unassuming exterior that comes off as a quaint beach house aesthetic. Mr. Sam Gold joined me for the meal, and he enjoyed a half-pound of brisket. I ordered the brisket sandwich and the fried boudin balls served with a pepper jelly glaze that will tingle anyone’s tastebuds. The brisket sandwich is a pretty popular dish there, and I can see why that is. Tender, flavorful, and seasoned impeccably, the brisket is a home run, and the boudin balls are unlike any boudin I’ve ever had. They remind me of a hush-puppy mixed in with Louisiana’s classic boudin paired with a highly flavorful pepper-jelly glaze that adds just the right amount of sweetness.

An upscale restaurant with a relaxed dress code and reasonably priced meals, not only is Pyre an excellent family restaurant but is also a great spot for drinks. After talking to a few adults, including my parents, I have heard nothing but good things from them about Pyre’s drink selection and the price of the drinks. Pyre also has two happy hour days on Tuesdays and Fridays. They last from three in the afternoon to six.

Pyre has exceeded not only my expectations but also Mr. Gold’s as well. Coming in at an eight out of ten for us both, Pyre Provisions is an establishment I would not only consider eating there again but also bring friends and family along with me to enjoy this intricate barbecue delicacy that deserves more recognition than it gets.

Pyre’s exterior



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