Saint Paul’s Runner-Up in Cross Country District Meet

On Tuesday, October 26th, the running Wolves traveled to Saint Thomas Aquantis to participate in the annual district meet. The meet this year was hosted by the Wolves. In the past, when the Wolves would host the district meet, they would host it in Money Hill, but due to current construction in the neighborhood, meets currently cannot be hosted there. The Wolves went into the meet as favorites to finish second to the previous district champions, the Mandeville High Skippers. This prediction proved true as Mandeville took home the first place trophy with Saint Paul’s in second and Fontainebleau in third. Varsity runners Henry Engleheart, Dominic Megura, and Gage Graham all finished in the top 10. For the junior varsity results, Saint Pauls’s placed multiple runners in the top 10, including Daniel Bitterwolf at 4th overall and Eddie D’Hemecourt closely behind. This is what senior Gage Graham has to say about the team’s recent performance. “Ultimately, we would have liked to win the district, but Mandeville has an excellent team this year. We have to keep improving one day and show Mandeville we can beat them in regionals and state. We have the potential to be one of the best teams in the state; it’s time to show everyone now. ” The Wolves will look to build on this performance as they travel to Highland Park in Baton Rouge on Saturday for the regional meet. After this race, the state meets in Natchitoches, Louisiana, will be next on the list. The Wolves will depart on November 22nd to Natchitoches and return on the 23rd. For the state meet, the early favorites are teams such as Catholic High and Jesuit. Other sleeper teams include Ruston and Mandeville High. The Wolves are not listed among these teams, but who knows, anything can happen at the state meet.


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