LAAPA: A Place to Hone Your Talents

Saint Paul’s offers many ways for students to express themselves. From the orthodox classes like band, art, and theatre; to the less common ones like media, there is always some way to find your passions at Saint Paul’s School.

But, some students have even gone beyond taking classes here to taking courses at LAAPA. LAAPA, or Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts, offers students of any skill level to learn and improve at several talents. Miguel D’Elia says, “It’s a second place where you can make music and rehearse … (they allow you to) relax and just appreciate music.” They offer classes from very classical instruments like the violin to the more modern tools like a guitar. There are also dance programs ranging from ballet to hip hop. Not to mention their brand new acting classes. 

Miguel D’Elia shredding on the guitar.

 Lessons range from one on one sessions with teachers to full-on groups and anything in between. Their music classes cover all the different parts of music: sight-reading, improvisations, and unique techniques like harmonics for some instruments.

If you ever go to one of these recitals, you can expect to see significant levels of self-expression. One student might be playing a classical piece, the next could be playing rock and roll, and some go more nontraditional routes like musical and video game soundtracks. Now, with the addition of the acting program, there is no limit to what students can perform. The acting department has no one genre. They have performed dramas like A Christmas Carol to The Addams Family’s horror-comedy.

Teachers are always supportive of their students and always encourage them to showcase their talents. “The teachers are nice, friendly, and open-minded … it’s good,” says Jonathan Kelchner – another student at LAAPA. Over the season, they invite students to join one of the many recitals they offer. This goes for all types of students. They have dance shows, live performances, and now plays.

The Addams Family performed by the acting department

To think that students are taking part in both LAAPA and Saint Paul’s extracurricular shows how these two go hand in hand. Saint Paul’s gives you the passion for continuing to learn and improve your talent, while LAAPA gives you the tools to hone your skills.

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