The New and Improved Band Hall

If you have walked or driven around Saint Paul’s recently, you probably have noticed the new band hall. The 2.3 million dollar band hall is the most state of the art building on campus. The building was specifically designed for the 100 piece band. The original band hall wasn’t a hall at all; it was at the top of Benilde Hall then moved into the Recreation Hall, a one-story building. The building was a barbershop, infirmary, and arcade/hangout for the Saint Paul’s boarding students, and that building has housed the Marching Wolves for over 40 years.
Last year, Saint Paul’s revealed plans to build a new hall on campus, not just the Marching Wolves, but for any student who takes music appreciation, music theory, percussion, guitar, etc. The original completion date for the band hall was supposed to be August 6, 2021, but heavy rain and winds have stretched that date to November, but the students don’t mind waiting a little longer if it means they can enjoy this building. The hall consists of several classrooms, a recording studio, an instrument storage closet, a uniform closet, and multiple instrument cleaning stations. Although it is a state-of-the-art building, the hall pays homage to the previous directors and band members with pictures surrounding the practice floor. Whenever you first take your steps into this building, you feel the history of not only the Marching Wolves but St. Paul’s.
“I am excited to see how this new band room will impact our sound and practices from now on,” Junior band member Alexander Fowler says. The whole band is excited to see how this band hall will impact the Marching Wolves’ performance and sound. It shouldn’t be much longer till the Marching Wolves enter their new home and live up to their saying: “You know we got a hell of a band.”

New Band Facility | St. Paul's School - Covington, Louisiana

Computer rendering of Band Hall


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