Food & Restaurant Review: Boulevard American Bistro

Boulevard American Bistro is an exquisite, upscale restaurant with a beautiful, modern, and rustic atmosphere, which gives the establishment a homely feel. Sitting next to an open kitchen allowed us to watch the food be prepared as we skimmed through the menu.

We started with the red beans and deviled eggs, which cost around $23. Although the red beans were absolutely magnificent and perfectly seasoned, the deviled eggs lacked spice and flavor and had an overwhelming sweet pickle relish taste to them. For my entree, I had the pressed Cuban sandwich and coleslaw, which was outstanding in flavor and texture. However, it felt as if the sandwich lacked some of the classic juices one would typically expect in a Cuban sandwich. On the other hand, the coleslaw hit every one of my coleslaw requirements and was some of the best I have ever tasted due to its robust horseradish base.

Joining me on this venture was Saint Paul’s senior Sam Gold. He had the barbecue ribs, which he said were “too smokey for my taste, but the barbecue sauce was tasty, and the portion was nicely sized.”

The Boulevard was a fantastic experience, and the food was superb. Its drawback includes the under-seasoning of food and relatively high prices. Mr. Gold also gave his opinion: “The Boulevard was an amazing experience, but at the end of the day, it will burn a hole in your pocket.”

The Boulevard is located at 70340 LA-21 Covington, LA 70433.

Pictured from left to right: Saint Paul’s Senior Sam Gold eats Barbecue Ribs; Saint Paul’s Senior Mason Schwall enjoys his Cuban Sandwich with Coleslaw; Saint Paul’s Seniors Sam Gold, Brody Lanier, and Mason Schwall stand outside the establishment


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