Top 5 Coldest Classrooms at Saint Paul’s, According to Students

The paper wolf has polled more than 100 students at Saint Paul’s School to determine the coldest classrooms on campus. The results may surprise you.

5. The theatre. Saint Paul’s senior Brycen Dupre describes the theatre’s atmosphere by exclaiming, “No bapp, sometimes I will be freezing my butt off in that theater.”

4. Ms. Case’s classroom in the main school building. Ms. Case’s classroom landed at in the 4th spot after some intense voting, with senior John Borgatti commenting, “It can get freezing in there sometimes.”

3. Coach Ford’s classroom. Coach Ford’s classroom is known for its chilled environment, with Senior Trip Walter noting, “No matter where I sit, the frigid breeze off the AC shows no mercy.”

2. Coach Dale’s classroom. It is known by many as tundra, with Senior Christian Cowley saying, “Back in 9th grade, I despised the classroom. It felt like I was in the middle of January.”

1. Coach Emerson’s classroom. Closing this list after a highly intense runoff, Coach Emerson’s classroom has been voted as the school’s most frigid, unforgiving, frozen learning environment. In an on-site interview, senior Brody Lanier muttered what seemed like his last words: “Please coach, I beg to feel warmth again!”

Coach Emerson smiles in cold glory with his coldest classroom award.


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